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Schedule of HURO events - European Cooperation Day
12 September 2012

European Cooperation Day is celebrated all over Europe and in neighbouring countries for the first time ever on 21 September 2012. The final countdown has started, and we count no less than 204 local events and actions to take place across Europe around European Cooperation Day!

“Sharing borders, growing closer” - 7 projects have already confirmed their participation
04 September 2012

As we previously informed you the European Cooperation Day will be celebrated all over Europe and in neighbouring countries for the first time ever on 21 September 2012.

„Scientific and Entrepreneurial Picnic” in Szeged
27 August 2012

SCIENTSTU project financed in the frame of the Hungary-Romania Cross-border Co-operation Programme is organising a cross-border dissemination event entitled Scientific and Entrepreneurial picnic in Szeged on 21 September 2012. The event is part of the European Cooperation Day 2012 (, when almost 40 countries will come together to celebrate cooperation and bridge-building between local communities across borders.

HURO/1101– Final list of approved projects
14 August 2012

53 new projects worth 68,4 million Euros were approved for funding by the Joint Steering Committee of the Hungary-Romania Cross-Border Co-operation Programme during the 12th Joint Steering Committee Meeting held in Timişoara, on 19 July 2012.

European Cooperation Day 2012
16 July 2012

European Cooperation Day will happen throughout Europe on and around 21 September 2012. It celebrates the improvements in the quality of life and living conditions brought about by Territorial Cooperation to the populations of Europe and Europe’s neighbouring regions and countries.

"Europe in my Region" Photo Competition
12 July 2012

The HURO Programme encourages all the Projects and anyone living in the European Union (EU) to participate in photo competition "Europe in my Region" organized by European Commission. The competition will be hosted on the European Commission’s Facebook page.

Would you like to win up to €1,000 worth of digital camera equipment, plus a trip for two to Brussels? Take part in the Europe in my Region photo competition this summer!

“Close to the end” – TIPS to finalise your projects
29 June 2012

In order to facilitate efficient project closing and receive the funding rapidly there are few points we recommend for considering.

Read the latest issue of the Programme newsletter!
16 May 2012

The spring issue of the Programme newsletter contains relevant information about the current status of the Programme, with special focus on the calls for proposals. We have also featured some of the most important past and upcoming events, as well as latest news related to the implementation and finalisation of Projects.