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Project closing event of HURO/1101/165/2.1.3
24 April 2015

The results of the project will be presented during the closing conference. As a result of the project, the involved Hungarian and Romanian Partners set up a network of facilities which are part of an ecumenical religious route. The route...

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11th Joint Working Group meeting
21 April 2015

The next meeting of the Joint Working Group responsible for the shaping of the next programme is sheduled to take place between 21-22 April 2015, in Arad. It is expected that during this meeting the final draft of the Cooperation Programme will...

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Advanced school in modern trends and techniques in cancer biology - Theoretical Session
30 October 2014

1. Cancer epidemiology – an overview of the word-wide and regional status 2. The role of the blood-brain barrier in the formation of brain metastases 3. NGS applications in cancer cell SNP analysis 4. Characteristics of tumor cells and their...

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Closing event of the project HURO/1101/014/1.1.1 (Road infrastructure development at the level of Osorhei and Berettyoujfalu local authorities
30 September 2014

The closing event of the project ROADINFRA will take place on 30.09.2013 in Berettyóújfalu.

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Opening event - CBC NATURAL-HAB -10 June 2014
10 June 2014

The Opening Event organized within the project entitled "Development of natural habitats of volunteer flora and protected trees species on Ciuperca Hill – Oradea and in Korosszegapati – Hajdu-Bihor" (CBC NATURAL-HAB, code...

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2nd Joint Working Group Sub-group meeting
06 May 2014

The members of the sub-group are gathering for the second time to discuss the details related to the development of strategic projects to be implemented in the frame of the future programme in the cross-border area between Hungary and Romania....

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Opening the „Park-forest” area in the Arboretum of Szarvas
18 April 2014

After one year of development the new area for visitors will be opened with it’s 20 hectares on the „Earth day”. The whole visitable area of the garden increases up to 65 hectares.

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8th Joint Working Group Meeting
16 April 2014

The next meeting of the Joint Working Group responsible for the shaping of the next operational programme is sheduled to take place between 16-17 April 2014, in Oradea.

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Bartók Béla anniversary chamber concert
30 March 2014

The famous composer was born in Sannicolau Mare. To commemorate his work and contribution to the word of music, the municipality of Sannicolau Mare in partnership with local and other organisations from abroad, organizes a chamber concert...

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HURO/1101/034/2.1.1/01 closing conference
24 March 2014

The closing conference of the project entitled Cross-border acces for business support” is taking place on 24 March 2014, in Békéscsaba. For further details, check the invitation attached.

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