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European Cooperation Day 2012
16 July 2012

European Cooperation Day will happen throughout Europe on and around 21 September 2012. It celebrates the improvements in the quality of life and living conditions brought about by Territorial Cooperation to the populations of Europe and Europe’s neighbouring regions and countries.

The HURO Programme is working on the concept of the event but already now we know that we would like to develop a concept of project Open Days and events as it is the best way how to show the benefit of the Territorial Cooperation to the local communities.

We invite project partners to be active and take part in this great European event by open their project doors or by organising events targeted at the general public. In order to be part of the event, project partners are kindly requested to read the following infosheet for projects and contact us to agree on details.

The pilot initiative is led by the INTERACT Programme with the support of the European Commission and the participating cooperation programmes. For more information about the local actions to take place, please check the dedicated website:

Below please find the Official video trailer of the event:


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