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International exhibition in renewable energy and non-conventional energy sources organised by the BHB project
25 February 2014

The BHB project is organising a road-show exhibition in all the 8 county seats of the eligible area during April-May 2014.

The third and final Evaluation Report of the HURO Programme is now available
20 December 2013

The ultimate objective of the on-going evaluation is to provide a comprehensive view of the relevance, progress and implementation system of the Programme and to draw conclusions and formulate recommendations in order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of its implementation during this period.

Searching for 16 partners to work on multi-level governance in support of Europe 2020
29 November 2013

A call is now open to select 16 regions or cities interested in partnering with 8 case study regions on improving multi-level governance: deadline 22 January 2014. 

Updating of the Financed Project Database
20 November 2013

The JTS is continuously making efforts in order to improve the programme website. In this regard we have now added new functions to the Financed Project Database enabling search by geographical location with the help of google-maps, partner type or thematic fields. In addition, the project summaries were also uploaded.

This was European Cooperation Day in 2013
01 October 2013

The HURO Programme celebrated European Cooperation Day on 26 September 2013 in Timişoara and Csongrád.

Celebrate European Cooperation day with the HURO programme!
11 September 2013

The Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre from Timişoara and the Inno-Motive Nonprofit Kft. from Szeged are hosting an exceptional performance, dedicated to the second edition of the European Cooperation Day. Under the aegis of the Hungary - Romania Cross-Border Co-operation Programme 2007 – 2013, on Thursday, 26 September, 2013 the team of the cross-border project will reenact “Alice (after Lewis Carroll)” in a fresh and innovative formula.

Information related to the eligible expenditures under the HURO Programme in case of Romanian partners
28 August 2013

Please note that the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration issued the Ministerial Order no. 2473/2013, amending the Order of the Minister of Regional Development and Housing no. 568/2009, defining the eligibility rules for Romanian partners at national level.

BE PART OF IT – celebrate European Cooperation Day
16 August 2013

The second European Cooperation Day will be celebrated this year through various local events mainly around 21 September. See what is happening across Europe on this day and become part of it.