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Second step of the second call is still open!

The second Call for proposals (HURO/0802/AF) for full applications was opened on 6 October 2009 allowing applicants to submit their full applications continuously until 6 July 2010, with 2 intermediate deadlines on 20 January, respectively 6 April 2010, each followed by an evaluation procedure.

As a result of the first step of the call, 120 concept notes were invited to elaborate their applications. About 86 94 million € are earmarked for this call for proposals from ERDF funds.


The next deadline for submitting applications within the above presented call is 6 April 2010.

Applications have to be sent to the Secretariat by courier service or via registered mail, with confirmation of receipt not later than the above specified deadlines (proven by the date of postal stamp).


- follow the checklist provided in the Application Package;
- bound and continuously number all the copies of the application, including the supporting documents, even if they could only be bounded separately due to their size, to avoid any missing pages;
- attach and prepare accordingly the table of contents;
- in case you apply in Hungarian-Romanian, make sure to provide accurate and full translations;
- don’t leave any empty text boxes in the Application Form! In case a box is not relevant please write NON RELEVANT!;
- attach ANNEX 6 – Cost-Benefit Analysis calculation table in the provided format to be included as part of the joint feasibility study;
- attach the necessary supporting documents, as well as the joint feasibility study and technical documentation, where applicable.

For each full application there will be only one possibility of submission. In case the project is rejected, the proposals can be re-submitted only in the frame of a new Call for Proposals.

We will keep you up to date with more information on the first projects submitted, as soon as their evaluation is finalized.

When to expect a next call for investment projects?

In case of bigger investment projects, calls are usually published every two years.