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Programme state of the art - end of 2009

The Head of the Joint Technical Secretariat is introducing our last newsletter from 2009, summarising the past and future of the Programme.

Dear Readers,

The Hungary-Romania Cross-Border Co-operation Programme has arrived to a very important milestone. We have successfully closed the 1st call for proposals, being in the ERDF contracting phase, while the second step of the 2nd call has already begun. In addition, based on the high interest manifested in the opportunities offered by the programme, also a 3rd call has been recently launched.

The high number of applications and wide portfolio of projects and concept notes is a great achievement for the programme but also a mandate to improve the strategy, the processes and the implementation, as well as to properly support the selected projects. This means more focus on the achievement of programme objectives through well targeted and focused projects capable of reaching concrete results and objectives. The JTS is committed to offer assistance to the first project beneficiaries as well as for potential applicants who wish to contribute to the enhancement of territorial cohesion in the Hungarian-Romanian border region.

Through this contracted newsletter we would like to cover – in strong connection to our aim outlined above - a various range of topics. We offer you information regarding the outcome of the first two calls for proposals, paying also attention to the issues linked to project implementation. Connected to our third call we offer practical tips and hints for project elaboration, based on lessons learned from previous calls. At last but not at least the same aim is served by our article regarding communication issues that deserves special attention both from programme and project level actors.

Hoping that our newsletter will raise your attention we would like to wish all newly approved and emerging projects a good start and fruitful co-operation leading to the achievement of our joint objectives.

Petra Szávics

Head of the Joint Technical Secretariat