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Modification of the Visibility Guide for Projects now available

The amended HURO Visibility Guide for Projects is to be used by the projects selected / contracted within the framework of the Hungary-Romania Cross-Border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013.

The newly introduced changes affect, among others, the following main points:

  1. the manual was restructured as to better fit the actual needs of the beneficiaries;
  2. clarifications related to the correct application of logos, the slogan and the disclaimer were introduced (ex. harmonisation of the language versions used with the language of the given material);
  3. the ABC to Logos has become a part of the guideline;
  4. a self-checklist on the correct use of the obligatory elements and a what goes where guide was inserted;
  5. a new point was introduced dealing with the audio-visual productions, as this was one of the most commonly asked questions;
  6. a whole new chapter on recording activities and reporting (i.e. a guidance on the materials to be submitted to the Joint Technical Secretariat with Project Progress Reports) was introduced.

The guideline is of major importance and also serves as a basis for validation of expenditures incurred during implementation. It is available for download here, please, read it carefully!