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Useful information

Visibility guidelines for projects

The visibility guide for projects, prepared by the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Hungary-Romania Cross-Border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013 is intended to offer support and guidance for beneficiaries, whose projects received financing under this programme in fulfilling the required information and publicity measures.

As a contractual provision, beneficiaries have an obligation to promote the visual identity of the Hungary-Romania Cross-Border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013 as well as the fact that their projects are financed in its frame.

The first part of the document gives an overview of the legal framework on both EU and programme levels during project implementation, describing what projects are required to do. The aim of the second part is to present the compulsory and recommended visual elements and tools to be used by beneficiaries when implementing their projects in order to make their results visible for all target groups and to create a coherent image of the programme, as well as the rules for using these elements.

In addition to this guide, which can be found here, the Joint Technical Secretariat can be contacted to offer advice and assistance in implementing these requirements.

Useful information

Please note, that according to the Visibility Guide for Projects (page 10, Events section), upcoming project events or major project meetings has to be communicated towards the JTS (invitations must be sent out both to the relevant programme manager as well as the Head of the JTS), providing them with the opportunity to hold a presentation or a speech, in case they confirm their attendance.

NEW: basic information on the event and/or related documents should be uploaded in the designated Calendar of events that is active on the programme’s website. Please make sure to provide this information in a timely manner, preferably at least two weeks before the event.

Always keep a sample of all information materials produced as well as all media materials about the project in a designated folder. In addition, a copy of these materials should be sent to the JTS (you can simply send them by e-mail as well). These elements are to be kept for reporting, but the JTS will also use good practice examples and promote them at Programme level.

IMPORTANT: please follow the rules of using the EU and Programme logos, especially when they are applied on a coloured background. For more information, please read the relevant chapters of the Visibility Guide (Annex 1 and 2).

In case you have communication related questions or you need guidance in elaborating your communication materials, feel free to contact our communication manager (Bogdán Anna-Mária,