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Project Idea and Partner Search Form

Organisation name and type:
ISIM Timisoara, Research institute

Project name:
Training of specialists in buildings and infrastructure energy efficiency assessment and their rehabilitation under the new concept of sustainable development (acronym: THERMOVIZION)

Lead Partner:
ISIM Timisoara

Priority axis:
Strengthen social and economic cohesion of the border area

Key area of intervention:
Cooperation in the labor market and education – joint development of skills and knowledge

- Training of specialists in the field of energy efficiency assessment, thermography method;
- Establishing indicators for achieving the buildings and infrastructure of heating routes rehabilitation using infrared thermography method.

The new concept of sustainable development differs from the classical approach when we talk about a building and infrastructure. This is considerate as an evolving organism that in time have to be treated, rehabilitated and modernized in order to fulfil the requirements set by the user in a certain stage. High topical are the analysis and interventions related to energy saving in terms of ensuring proper comfort conditions. This was called the building\'s energy efficiency. While reducing energy requirements, it also accomplishes two important objectives of sustainable development, namely, primary resources economy and reduction of pollutants emission into the environment.

Project results:
- Training of highly qualified personnel in buildings and infrastructure energy efficiency assessment
- Presentations in international conferences
- Publication in high impact journal.

Partners needed:
Institutions of higher education
Research Centres
Local authorities

Estimated budget:
200 000 Euro

Estimated duration:
12 months

Company details

Carmen Marian
Phone: 0256 200222
Fax: 0256 200222