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Project Idea and Partner Search Form

Organisation name and type:
Hitech Science & Research , NGO

Project name:
Using microwave energy for treatment of long-term preservation of historical monuments and wooden objects

Lead Partner:
Hitech Science & Research

Priority axis:
Strengthen social and economic cohesion of the border area

Key area of intervention:
Promotion of co-operation in the field of R+D and innovation

It is known that the interior monuments whose rooms are made of wood and are exposed to high-value timber objects for long-term preservation requires regular curative treatments to destroy microorganisms and fungi that grow in them.
Curative treatments are performed in the present environment is to heat treatment performed at a temperature of max.60 degree C up and maintaining this temperature for a duration of approx. 1-3 days, until the temperature gets around the timber. Maintaining this temperature for a long period of time can adversely affect the entire state structures of wood or its components that do not require such treatment.
The project is proposed to use microwave energy for such treatments is knowing that this form of energy can be used to disinfect wood attacked by fungi and microorganisms.
Treatment in this case, which is to Increase the temperature around the timber to a level lethal to fungi and microorganisms, is accomplished in a short time and of can only be located affected objects.
Compared with conventional treatments used (hot air) effectual treatment using microwave energy does not affect the objects treated surface temperature of 60 degree C and developed throughout the mass of the object treated, temperature can be controlled easily without invasive means of measurement are used in current conventional treatments.

Project results:
The project will complete development of a portable device equipped with a uniform radiation of microwave energy radiation area will ensure the treatment process parameters according to: physical and chemical characteristics of wood species and characteristics of microorganisms and their resistance , concentration of microorganisms, the protection conferred by the wooden structure in microorganisms that have developed, during exposure to microwave power level used in microwave, microwave electric field intensity that.
Experiments will be conducted with equipment developed during the project will establish the parameters of treatment procedures for all categories of wood used in construction of historical monuments and objects of high value they contain.
It will use numerical modeling programs provided by the electromagnetic field of microwave radiation system coupled with the thermal field developed by the timber.

Partners needed:
Universităţi - Egyetemek
Institute sau de centre de cercetare - Intézetek és kutatási központok
Fundaţii sau ONG-uri care să îndeplinească condiţiile de eligibilitate.- Alapítványok amelyek megfelelnek a program feltételeinek

Estimated budget:
325000 euro

Estimated duration:
18 months

Company details

Stefanica Cristian
Phone: 0040720012748
Fax: 0040359442700