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Project Idea and Partner Search Form

Organisation name and type:
Kállay Miklós Általános Iskola, Educational Institution

Project name:
Let's know each other's culture

Lead Partner:
Kállay Miklós Általános Iskola

Priority axis:
Strengthen social and economic cohesion of the border area

Key area of intervention:
Cooperation in the labor market and education – joint development of skills and knowledge

we want our pupils to discover each other’s culture, life styles and learn about friendship, family and school life. We would like to make different pupils, teachers and families from different cultures come together. This way, each community will learn about the other nations\' cultural varieties and traditions, and furthermore will understand each other better and tolerate the differences.
First, the pupils will discover their own traditions and culture and after that they will learn about the others. The pupils will take videos and photographs about their daily lives with the help of their families. They will perform dramas to express themselves better in an enjoyable way to get to know each other closely. The main ideas are establishing intercultural dialogues and exchanging experiences among children, who learn and work in their own schools, by raising awareness to their environment, making friends from other countries.
The outcome of the project will be the creation of an electronic book on 6 topics: cooking, dancing, legends, songs, childhood games and famous places, written in 2 languages of the partners and translated in English.

Project results:
During the collective work, the pupils will have access to other nations’ culture and they will learn how to put them in practice in their own life. The pupils will be eager to learn and use new languages and improve their information technology skills. Through legends, songs, dancing, cooking and games they can be easily motivated.
This project is needed because it can help develop children’s personality. What young children learn thanks to this project can be useful in their adulthood life. The most important thing is tolerance. Children will have the opportunities to learn what tolerance is in real life situations, to notice the differences between cultures and allow the others to express themselves freely.
This cooperation will help pupils to contact with children in other nations and understand the importance of their values, customs and traditions. They can discover how colourful the World is!
Teachers can also benefit from the partnership. They learn new teaching methods, especially activated and primary teaching methods, which will make their work easier and more effective in the future. Teachers will find this project a great source of motivation to their work.

Partners already identified:
Scoala CU Clasele I-VIII.Balcescu-Petofi from Romania Satu-Mare

Partners needed:
secondary school, primary school or nonprofit organization for children

Estimated budget:
50000 EUR

Estimated duration:
20 months

Company details

Egri Józsefné
Phone: 0642255400
Fax: 003642255400