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Project Idea and Partner Search Form

Organisation name and type:
Banats University of Agricultural Scienses and Veterinary Medicine, Educational Institution

Project name:
Evaluation and monitoring of the grassland ecosystem from the cross-border area having in view the rehabilitation and maintaining of biodiversity and productivity

Lead Partner:
Banats University of Agricultural Scienses and Veterinary Medicine

Priority axis:
Improve the key conditions of joint, sustainable development of the cooperation area

Key area of intervention:
Protection of the environment

The project has in view an evaluation of the biodiversity and productivity of the grassland patrimony from the cross-border area, for the purpose of setting common corrective measures for their rehabilitation and the identification of new genetic resources for grasses and legumes

Project results:
The desired results consist in the setting and implementing of practical solutions that will can be put to the disposition of the administrators of protected areas, environmental agencies, farmers and other entities interested for a proper management of the grasslands from cross-border area

Partners needed:
Institutions of high education
Local authorities
Research centres

Estimated budget:
500.000 Euro

Estimated duration:
18 months

Company details

Durau Carmen Claudia
Phone: 0040256277009