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Project Idea and Partner Search Form

Organisation name and type:
Politehnica University of Timisoara, Educational Institution

Project name:
Management of environment preservation through exploitation and development of thermal water resources in the frame of sustainable development requirements (MANTWA)

Lead Partner:
Politehnica University of Timisoara

Priority axis:
Improve the key conditions of joint, sustainable development of the cooperation area

Key area of intervention:
Protection of the environment

- to support regional tourism,
- to develop and exploit Thermal Water,
- to enhance the existent thermal water area,
- to set mutual results,
- to encourage environment protection and sustainable development,
- to show and make known the effects of natural resources use

Project results:
- Increase tourism flow between the two regions,
- create new conections and networks between students from the two regions, that are intrested in environment protection and sustainable development,
- to set the green thinking (environment care)

Partners needed:
Education and Research and Development Institutions

Estimated duration:
24 months

Company details

Mihaela Vartolomei
Phone: 40256404055