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Project Idea and Partner Search Form

Organisation name and type:
, Educational Institution

Project name:
The books, factor of inter-influence / Konyvek, faktor befolyas

Lead Partner:
Universiatea din Oradea

Priority axis:
Strengthen social and economic cohesion of the border area

Key area of intervention:
Cooperation in the labor market and education – joint development of skills and knowledge

Presentation of new books including technical areas; realization of new books; purchaseing books for libraries / Uj konyvek bemutatasa, technikai temakoroket is erintve, uj konyvek irasa, konyvtarak felszerelese uj konyvekkel

Project results:
New hungarian language books in romanian libraries, new romanian language books in hungarian libraries, english books, bilingual books in both countries libraries. / Uj magyar nyelvu konyvek a roman konyvtarakban, uj roman, angol, bilingv konyvek mindket orszag konyvtaraiban

Partners already identified:
University of Oradea / Nagyvaradi Allami Egyetemi

Partners needed:
Interested in advance of values by books. / Akiket foglalkoztat a konyvek altali fejlodes es tudasszerzes

Estimated budget:
10000 - 15000

Estimated duration:
18 months

Company details

Matica L. Mailena
Phone: +40259-432235
Fax: +40259-432789