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HURO/1001/211/2.3.1 – Intercultural Festival 15 February 2013

Project title:

The Intercultural Festival is part of the HURO/1001/211/2.3.1 project called “Together on the Way to Knowledge” and will be organized at “Aurel Valicu” School in Arad on 15th and 16th February 2013. For two days, the Festival will provide both the opportunity to have exhibitions and displays with portfolio products made by students (at school or during camp activities) and the location for cultural events, workshops, and seminars for teachers and parents.

The aim of the Festival is to promote interculturality and friendship between the partner schools in the project, offering an example of good practice for the communities of the two schools. On this occasion, we will award the Tóth Sándor Distinction, in the memory of Tóth Sándor from Hódmezővásárhely, who lost his life while trying to help his Romanian neighbours in December 1989 during the Romanian Revolution. The Tóth Sándor Distinction is not meant to boost any cult of personality; it is meant to promote the ideal of civism, generosity, and brotherhood. The Festival will have an impact on the local community.